Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fairmount Memorial Park

Fairmount Memorial Park is located at 5200 West Wellesley Avenue in Spokane, past the Veterans' Hospital and Joe Albi Stadium, at the very west end of Wellesley Avenue. The 220 acres overlook the Spokane River and the Bowl and Pitcher. Fairmount is one of five cemeteries in the Fairmount Memorial Association family and was established in 1888 as Spokane's "Official City and County Burial Ground."

Lot records and genealogy information of those buried in Fairmount can be obtained at the cemetery office on the grounds, by calling (509) 326-3800, or by contacting the staff using an online request form. Some tombstone transcriptions can be found at here. Find A Grave has, at this posting, 815 memorial pages from Fairmount, which can be searched here. Maggie Rail has also transcribed most of the burial records through the year 2000, which can be seen here.


Charles said...

Maggie Rail has posted most of the Spokane County Cemeteries online at her own website, including Fairmount:

Miriam Robbins said...

Thanks for the info, Charles. I'll update this post.